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Children's Classes


We offer training for children to learn about their 'gifts within' - the virtues we all have, and how to practice them. 


At this time, there is an urgent need to focus on educating our children and youth in virtues to break the general pattern that now exists, for future generations.


The educational system throughout the world is directed towards intellectual and some physical development with almost no attention to moral capacities. This imbalance has led to the current moral crisis. The signs are drug and alcohol abuse, violence, crime, corruption etc. 

The only way to change this moral crisis is prevention through moral education.


“Love That Child” Foundation in Bulgaria seeks to inspire and motivate as much as possible, the next generation to develop their virtues such as: peacefulness, cooperation, kindness, generosity, truthfulness, determination, courage and helpfulness   etc. and implement these virtues in their daily lives. This would eventually bring about a positive change in society.



Teacher Training

“Love That Child” offers virtues training for teachers, parents and other groups of adults.

Parent Training

Our training on Vitosha Mountain for parents and children was a joyful learning experience for us all! 

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